Over the years BMW has produced legendary cars in a long history of racing machines. The brand has created absolutely cutting edge vehicles. A lot of efforts had been focused on creating ultimate racing machines that would be a success story in motorsport competitions. Many people have come to appreciate BMW as one of the world’s leading automakers. The series of racing cars that have been manufactured over the years have upheld a higher credibility for buyers.

The BMW Company has maintained a solid background as the world leader in innovation and design. Most of the legendary iconic driving machines developed can hit blistering top speeds. We know very well that BMW has manufactured the most reputable speedsters’ machines, but the question that linger on our mind is, which are the fastest racing cars that BMW has ever produced? There are a several BMW race cars that have been developed over the years. Here are top five BMW racing cars of all time. 1. Schintzer M3 (E30)The speedster was constructed by BMW to purposely for the European competition of Touring Car Car championship. The E30 – series best suited the company’s product line to enhance its performance. Several modification of the sport evolution led to the creation of this car.


In 1990, the M3 series had a successful agenda in becoming the fastest racing car in the European Touring car championship. It was modified to enable it achieve a maximum performance in the touring car racing. One of the main feature of this cars is that it was fitted with a slip spoiler and a multi-position front splitter that exerts a down force on track.2. Procar M1 The BMW Procar is also one of the iconic race cars of all time. The car was designed under a technical regulations that only featured in the M1 road cars. The car had an adjustable wing at the rear of the engine cover. The engine was expansively modified and produced 470 horsepower at 9000 rpm in a single race. It had an adjustable brake to reduce driver’s pressure balance. The cars top speed could hit 311 kilometers per hour and could accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.3. CSL Batmobile (E9)This legendary racing car was powered by over 300 horse power for the truck and about 206 horse power for road use. The car engine used the Batmobile’ aerodynamic package that could support a capacity of up to 3,153cc.4. 328 Touring Coupe The BMW 328 touring coupe has recorded the fastest time ever in a sports car race. With an average speed of 174 km/ hour, the car achieves an unassailable advantage in racing. The car made an epic victory in 1940s racing competitions.


It is a formidable cutting edge vehicle for racing.5. M3 GTR (E46)The car attained a single victory in the American Le Mans Series in the year 2000. The new engine enabled it to compete with Porsche 911 which was at that time a formidable force. The car had a horse power of 444 and a V8 driving force.

Its features enable it to take part in racing competitions in freeways.